We are a genuinely Brazilian company, founded in 1993 to put a new page on the history of the mountain bike world. The only manufacturer of suspension forks in Latin America, our mission is to develop high-tech damping systems that ensure safety, comfort, performance and pleasure during your precious moments on a bicycle.
Our team is composed by highly skilled professionals, all of them bicycle enthusiasts, and intensively seeking technological innovation aimed at developing state of the art suspension forks. We are extremely selective during project development and technical specifications, always seeking continuous improvement of processes and products. We created our own laboratory for testing, following international quality standards, and we count on elite Brazilian, mountain bike athletes, to field-test our suspension forks. Thus, we ensure high performance with maximum reliability and safety during use, aiming to achieve full customers’ satisfaction.
We have been working with determination and passion for more than two decades to offer the best there is in damping systems for bicycle aficionados everywhere. If you are looking for a suspension fork of excellent quality, low weight, robust and high-tech damping system,
then this is your brand – Go by bike, Go by PROSHOCK.