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Developing high technology products with innovation is our greatest pride and joy. With constant improvements, we offer the best there is in damping systems on suspension forks for cyclists worldwide.

System with two air springs, one positive and one negative. The positive air spring allows you to adjust the suspension´s pressure, making it harder or softer. The negative air spring allows you to adjust the fork´s sensibility to cushion small irregularities, turning the suspension either very soft or very hard at the start of the travel course, depending on the air spring pressure.
Technology applied on fork:Onix


System with two air springs, one positive and one negative, specifically scaled to improve the fork behavior. This system is an evolution of the Dual Air system and was developed to improve the cyclist’s racing performance. The adjustment of the damping sensitivity is done by balancing the pressures of the negative and positive air springs, so it is important to assess the correct pressure to achieve optimal operation of the Dual Air+ system.
Technology applied on fork:Onix Dark


Hydraulic dampening system inside the stanchions developed to improve oil flow and reduce fluid pressure in the valves during fork operation. This system contains rebound adjustment, remote or crown lockout and compression adjustment. This system´s main advantage is it´s great lockout performance in aggressive environment like mud, rain, sand, etc.
Technology applied on fork: Onix


Internal lubrication system that keeps the bearings (bushings) lubricated for longer. This system consists of a felt dampened in oil that, when the fork is at work, keeps the bearings and stanchions contact area in efficient and constant lubrication.
Technology applied on fork: Onix


Bold and robust fork structure design, with 32 mm diameter stanchions. This structure was developed through CAD/CAE/CAM engineering software to guarantee greater strength against torsion / bending and higher performance during fork activity.
Technology applied on fork: Onix