Bandeira do Brasil


We are greatly committed to sustainable practices. Our goal is to grow in a sustainable way while delivering safe, high-quality products and services aimed at promoting well-being.


Our packaging, manuals and graphic materials are 100%-recyclable.

Our facilities have been built to the best energy conservation standards so that they make the most of natural lighting and ventilation.


We segregate waste resulting from our industrial processes so that it can be recycled, and we properly discard of any non-recyclable waste.


We collect and treat rainwater for use in our processes.


We properly discard of any worn-out suspensions.


We use neither disposable aluminum foil and Styrofoam containers, nor plastic flatware and cups for eating and drinking; we use only washable and reusable tableware on our premises.


Our value chain is mostly Brazilian, so we contribute to our society by developing its industry and technology.


We build the pallets we get in our factory into workbenches or other small wooden structures.


We have replaced electricity with natural gas where applicable in our heating systems.


Our suspensions are extremely eco-friendly: 95% of the materials they are made of can be either recycled or reused.