ProShock is deeply focused on sustainable practices. Our goal is to grow in sustainable way, delivering quality, well-being and safety in all our products and services to our clients.

Our value chain is composed mostly by Brazilian companies and entities to encourage national and local industry, technology and society.

We replaced some of our electrical heating systems for natural gas heating systems.

95% of the components used on our forks can be recycled and / or reused.

Rainwater harvesting and use.

The facilities were designed and built to maximize the use of natural light and ventilation.

We do not use disposable products for food and water consumption, only washable and reusable utensils.

We replaced the use of paper towel for electric hand dryers.

We reuse wooden pallets to build countertops and other wooden devices;

All recyclable waste is recycled while the rest is discarded following proper environment standards;

All components used on our packages and manuals are 100% recyclable.

More than 95% of paper used on our manuals are made of pre-consumer recycled paper.

We promote sports practice and healthy lifestyle;

We sponsor athletes and handicapped athletes.