Bandeira do Brasil


Developing high-tech products with 100% national innovation and quality is our greatest pride. With constant improvement, we offer the best in dampening system for bicycle suspensions to Brazilian cyclists. Next, learn about our technologies.

It is a system made up of two air chambers, one positive and the other negative, whose pressure can be set independently. The positive air chamber allows adjusting the pression in a way to make the suspension go stiffer or suppler along its travel. The negative air chamber allows adjusting how sensitive the suspension gets while going over a bump on the terrain. This air chamber starts working upon being compressed, and according to its settings it makes for a stiffer or suppler suspension at the beginning of the travel. In addition to its original factory settings, the Dual Air system allows the use of volume spacers as an optional setting to modify the way the suspension works under compression and increase the force needed for it to go all the way down its travel.

Suspension systems that use this technology: Onix